January Cookie reflection!

January is a great time to start to slow-down and just breathe.
I took a week off and spent time in Colorado. Something about the mountians, LOTS of snow, and being outdoors just calms me down.
It seems like everyone else, I get caught-up in all of the “Holiday Spirit” that I sometimes miss the meaning of Christmas.
Time spent with family and friends is what I really LOVE about the holidays. Re-connecting and making new memories with love ones still with us.
I got to see my sweet nieces and nephew from Orlando, and their folks, We ate cookies, of course! Then, went to parties, carved out time with my family, shopped and shopped and made thousands of cookies for customers across the country. Also taught lots of new cookie classes throughout the Midwest and (starting last spring) began teaching new Skype online cookie decorating classes.
Oh, my…….this is a lot for this little Midwestern gal!

I would encourage each of you to take just a moment to refelct on Holiday, 2010. Would you do anything differently? Yes, we are all scattered and crazy in December, but we must love it!? We do Christmas every year!

Happy New Year!

Christmas Cookies on Video!

It’s here! Just when you need it most!
Check out my “Bolg” for the newest “Video Tutorials on Cookie Decorating”.
These are about 2 minutes of quick, little cookie tips to help you with those last minute gingerbread cookie decorating ideas.
They are FREE! Just let me know if they helped.
Happy Holiday Baking!

Cookies of Louisville!

A really big Thank you to all of the students in my Cookie Decorating classes in Louisville, KY this week!

Classes were held at Campbell’s Gourmet Cottage in Louisvillewww.gourmetcottage.com (ph.502-893-6700).  The class members made wonderful Holiday cookies in the “Christmas in July” Cookie Decorating Class.  About 18 students participated in each class. The students learned several decorating techniques and applied them to a Giant Santa cookie, as well as several other cookies we created in class.  Everyone’s cookies were simply outstanding!  Students were able to take home 4 beautiful Holiday cookies they decorated in the class.

In addition to the Giant Santa Cookie, the class made a large Holiday Cottage, an adorable Snowman and a Decorated Christmas Tree.

I encourage everyone in the greater Louisville area to check out the classes at Campbell’s.  Sign-up for a cooking class, and bring a friend!

(Special thanks to Jennifer for bringing her gal friends Cindy and Amber!  We all had way too much fun!)

Looking forward to September!

Happy Baking!

Christmas Tree Cookie Decorating Tutorial

Step 1. Outline the tree cookie with medium thin green royal icing.

Christmas Tree Cookie Decorating Tutorial - Step 1  

 Step 1

Step 2. Quickly flood the tree with same icing. Place on table and gently shake to settle icing. Let dry 2 hours.

Christmas Tree Cookie Decorating Tutorial - Step 2  

Step 2

Step 3. You are now ready to “decorate’ your tree.  With medium thick white royal icing, draw a ‘Z’ line down the front of tree.

Christmas Tree Cookie Decorating Tutorial - Step 3  

Step 3 

Step 4. Add small dragees (silver balls) or quins (candies in shapes) to the line of icing. Work quickly as the icing will dry within a few minutes.  Push the dragees into the soft icing.  I like to use tweezers for this.  You may also sugar the wet icing immediately with sanding sugar.

Christmas Tree Cookie Decorating Tutorial - Step 4  

Step 4

Step 5. Decorate. Let cookie dry 2 hours or overnight.

Christmas Tree Cookie Decorating Tutorial - Step 5  

 Step 5