Introducing the Blog

Welcome to the official Cathy’s Designer Cookies Blog! 

This is a monthly story page. I’ll be giving you tips and info I’ve found helpful throughout my cookie making career. You may hear fun stories about my little dog, Molly. She LOVES my cookies, and will steal them anytime she gets a chance. (Maybe a “Molly-Cam” video?) There will also be tips from my clients and students. I often get the best tips from students in my classes. 

I’ll also be passing on fun stories and maybe a photo or two from you. So, send me your cookie stories. I can’t include all of them, but I will read each one. Be sure and check out my links on “Cathy’s Favorites“. It’s an easy way to find the items I love and use everyday to make cookie baking easier! Also, my calendar is full of lots of up coming events and classes you will want to know about! 

Happy Cookies!