European Cookie Class 101

Yummy! Is all I can say after last night’s fabulous cookie feast!  The setting was Campbell’s Gourmet Cottage in Louisville, KY.  I have been baking all week, preparing for The “Sublime European Cookie Class”.  I used 14 pounds of unsalted butter!

Needles to say….we all tasted great cookies!

Susan, my super-dupper help (and the owner of Campbells) was so much help!  Serving tall classes of ice cold milk, and passing tray after tray of butter-y brown-sugar shortbread cookies and  chocolate laced biscotti sweet treats. We tasted 11 different cookie recipes.

All of the student were sent home with a fun parting gift;  a bakery box full of assorted cookies.

If you missed this class, don’t worry there are several other cookie classes coming in the next 3 months. Cookie Decorating classes,  Gifts from the Kitchen and a special Girls Night Out Cookie Swap.  Can’t wait !

Thanks to all of the students who came to class!  Enjoy the treats!

Happy Baking!